Need a New Roof? Here are the Signs...

But what about the everyday wear and tear? How often do you take notice of your roof? A worn roof is easy to miss. For those of us whose lives are a bustle, not many of us are looking up when rushing to and from our cars. With our years of experience at Excalibur Roofing & Construction, here are the signs you should look for:

  • buckling
  • rotting – holes or worn spots shown on the roof
  • missing granules – bald spots on the shingles
  • look in rain gutters for signs
  • blistering or bubble-like risings
  • missing shingles
  • curling of shingle edging
  • algae or fungal growth
  • downward streaking and staining
  • damaged flashing against the chimney

Many clients have come to us having waited until these problem indicators are serious enough to cause extensive damage. We recommend keeping an eye on your roof for even minor signs of these, since extensive damage can lead to costly interior wood, attic, and ceiling repairs.

Most newly built roofs should last many years, but elements such as improper installation, poor materials, and weather elements may affect the life of your roof. There should also be consideration given to the professional approach in which roofing professionals can spot and locate damage that many customers are not able to spot.

If you suspect it is time for the health of your roof to be examined, we would love to send one of our experienced roofers to your home. Please call 214.321.9838 to ask questions or schedule an estimate, or complete our quick contact form here..