Energy Saving Shingles

Cool Shingles / Energy Star Rated

What better way to save energy in your home than from up above? We all know that shade trees around your house are the way to go, but having the right shingles on your roof can multiply your energy-saving benefits.

Excaliber Roofing and Construction continues to investigate and provide top-quality products for your roof.  We like Cool Shingles which are Energy Star Rated as the best product for those looking to enhance their home's energy-saving ability.

In addition to the fact that these types of attributes increase the value of your home, let us take a look at other ways in which Energy Star Rated Cool Shingles are advantageous . . .

Environmental Effects of Hot Homes

"Urban heat islands” are the cause of higher recorded heat for those living in the city. Most of us know the importance of doing our part to further the decline of city pollution. Roofing your home with Energy Star Rated Cool Shingles (here is an example from Owens Corning), not only plays a contributory role in heat reduction in urban heat islands, but in turn reduces smog and decreases carbon-dioxide emissions.

Lower Home Costs

But what about our homes? Quite simply, these green product shingles reflect the sun's pounding rays, thus, reducing the heat in your attics, resulting in a cooler home with lower air-conditioning settings. Depending on structure, geography, and climate, cool shingles may decrease cooling costs as much as 7 – 15 %.  In warmer climates, this percentage may even be higher with year-round rates.

Where once only white-colored shingles were effective in energy-saving results, Energy Star rated Cool Shingles are designed in a fashion that allows our customers to choose from many colors. The shingles' reflective quality comes from technologically invented cool granules that are enmeshed with several layers of mirror-like reflectors.

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